Investment share option future trade ETF commodities stock online market Chart Realtime: Holmium – Key element in nuclear reactors

Holmium is a rare earth metal that serves a dual purpose as being an excellent strategic metal. Holmium has incredible magnetic properties, allowing it to be used to create powerful static magnets and artificial magnetic fields. Holmium is also a key element used in nuclear reactors because of its ability to absorb nuclear neutrons and stabilize nuclear control rods. Holmium is also the key element used in solid-state lasers, common lasers used in medical and dental equipment.

Investing in Holmium is usually done through the purchase of stocks in companies that mine rare earth. Most rare earth mining companies are located in China. Because of its many uses, Holmium is an element that will be used for the foreseeable future, requiring continual mining. Holmium is obtained by mining the earth’s crust, a specialized mining technique.