Investment share option future trade ETF commodities stock online market Chart Realtime: Titanium – Metal of gods

Titanium (Ti abbr, name of Greek origin god of the Titans) is a white and shiny metallic chemical element of the 4th Group (titanium group) of the periodic table. The titanium content in the upper crust is about 0.56 percent. Australia is the main producer, followed by South Africa. Pure titanium is very rare and due to the very complex production process, Titan is quite expensive.

Titanium alloys are characterized by great strength and resistance from at optimum elasticity. Therefore it plays a big role in shipbuilding, space engineering and in the aerospace industry. In addition, titanium and its alloys found in the medical field (eg screws, prostheses) in production of sports equipment, for spectacle frames, watches, jewelry and more varied uses.