Investment share option future trade ETF commodities stock online market Chart Realtime: Crude Oil – Essential fuel for the industry

Of any raw material, the global economy is so dependent on such as Crude Oil. It is used to generate electricity, as feedstock for the chemical industry and in refined form as a fuel for almost all vehicles and aircraft. Oil is so important, that are likely in future armed conflicts over its distribution are possibile. As an investment Crude Oil is of particular interest, since the stocks are finite and the worldwide promotion to satisfy the needs. Small increases in demand or delivery failures generate large price fluctuations. Against the backdrop of the burgeoning industries in many emerging countries many experts to an oil price seems far beyond the $ 100 in the near future as very likely.

It should be noted that there are still several crudes. Some of the most important are: Brent Crude, Light Sweet Crude, Dubai Fateh, Saharan Blend, Urals and West Texas Intermediate (WTI).