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Vanadium (Vanadium also earlier, abbreviated V; derivation from Vanadis, a surname of Freya, the Teutonic goddess of love and marriage) is a steel-gray, bluish metal and belongs to the fifth Group (vanadium group) of the periodic table. It is for plants and animals, an essential trace element. Thus contains the human organism about 0.3 mg / kg of vanadium, as daily, approximately 12 mg of vanadium estimated.
The vanadium content in the upper crust is about 0.014 percent. The main raw materials are titanium-magnetite ores with vanadium contents between 0.3 percent and 0.8 percent, even in some South African ores with up to 1.7 percent. Vanadium is a ferro-vanadium alloys are used for, which is why the steel industry is the most important customers, followed by the non-ferrous metallurgy and chemistry. In addition, vanadium alloy as cladding material for gaining nuclear fuel and aircraft in importance Links: